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Want a sample of what to expect? Test your knowledge with these sample questions. Click on each question to display the answer.

In what movie does James Caan play a writer held prisoner by a deranged fan?


Who has the most career Super Bowl rushing yards?

Franco Harris (354)

What soap opera features actress Deidre Hall?

Days of Our Lives

Which character from "Cheers" has never appeared on "Frasier": Woody, Diane, Rebecca, or Norm?


In the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, what is Gollum's real name?


What type of fossilized tree resin is often used in jewelry?


What fashion designer was killed by Andrew Cunanan in 1997?

Gianni Versace

Which US state was the first to give the vote to African-Americans?


Who did the Atlanta Braves defeat in the 1995 World Series?

Cleveland Indians

In 1977, a California housewife named Debbie opened the first store in what snack food chain?

Mrs. Fields' Cookies