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League: Myrtle Beach Team Trivia
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RankTeamNameScoreHome Location
136636I screw. I nut. I bolt...1260Tavern In The Forest
241150ironclutch1156The Boathouse
3414054 Inches of Fun1099Tavern In The Forest
436815Seemingly Smart1091Tavern In The Forest
536729Wayne "The Brain" McClane1084Vienna's Pizzeria and Sports Pub
652943Immaculate Deception1082Tavern In The Forest
736717Team Short Bus1080Tavern In The Forest
836635Oedipus Complex: Kid Tested, Mother Approved1076Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
936694Uta Maro1065King Street Grill (Market Commons)
1054612The Abusement Parks1032Niki's Bar & Grille
1151121Hoffy's Heroes943Vienna's Pizzeria and Sports Pub
1244690Crash Test Dummies910Handley's Pub & Grub
1345996Bipedal Motion901King Street Grill (Market Commons)
1454210The winners850Tavern In The Forest
1544635Prestige Worldwide837Buffalo Wild Wings--- Carolina Forest
1653533Mixed Nutz782Buffalo Wild Wings--- Carolina Forest
1741187Hello Newman773Captain Poo's NMB
1851828Ancient Aliens768Tavern In The Forest
1942710Daddy's Home763Handley's Pub & Grub
2044584BOOM BOOM POW737TGI Fridays (N. Myrtle)
2141213HorseCox736Liberty Tap Room & Grill
2237638Rebels without a Clue714Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
2353596Barstool Softeners710Quigley's Pint & Plate
2436994Cobra Kai700Dagwood's Deli & Sports Bar
2551078Midget Warriors697Handley's Pub & Grub
2654663Clueless in MB680Calli Baker's Firehouse Bar & Grill
2744622Purple Monkey Dishwasher {Myrtle Beach League}664Buffalo Wild Wings - N. Myrtle
2853020We only come for the Beer656Buffalo Wild Wings--- Carolina Forest
2943276Oxymorons626Pawleys Island Raw Bar
3036778saving ryan's privates623Murphy's Law (Carolina Forest)
3136730Socastee Mathletes607Niki's Bar & Grill
3144391Justice League607Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant
3341816Dewey Cheatem & Howe600Murphy's Law (Carolina Forest)
3445890Life's a Biersch599Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant
3554539Dumb and dumber595Bubba's Love Shak
3653026Frostburgers581Handley's Pub & Grub
3744675Bada Bing575Handley's Pub & Grub
3854391The Pirates551None
3954249TRIVIA FOR DUMMIES549Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
3954686The Village Idiots549Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
4151789Harbourgate Eight538Captain Poo's NMB
4246045The Coppers526Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
4355045Dammit Jim, I'm A Doctor!519None
4536775Curtis E. and the Reach Arounds513Buffalo Wild Wings - N. Myrtle
4555004Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis513Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
4746660Shirts & Skirts508Greg's Cabana Bar & Grill
4852371Fantastic Forum503Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
4954154Savatage500Calli Baker's Firehouse Bar & Grill
5054091Knot a clue499Buffalo Wild Wings - N. Myrtle
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*Rankings are updated every Sunday at Midnight. Rankings for this league are based on the top 15 scores for each team.
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