Play Team Trivia

How to Play

How to join a game. Joining a game is a two-step process:

  • Register for an access code.
  • Enter the access code to get into the game. Remember, you will need to have two windows open (or two devices). The first will be the Zoom room, where the live host will guide you through the game. The second will be where your team discusses and submits their answers.

Learn how to play.
Format of the game.


To register for an access code:

Go to
Find the game you want to play in.
Find the game’s “Register” button (it’s blue) and click on it.
Click on your preferred form of payment and follow the instructions.
Once you have completed payment, check your email (don’t forget to look in your spam folder!) for your access code.

To enter the access code to get into the game:

Once you get your access code, you can enter the game (You will eventually open two windows: Zoom room and your team room).
Your team room, where you and your teammates can discuss, vote on and eventually submit answers, opens 30 minutes before the game begins.
The Zoom room, which is where you can watch the live host as they guide you through the game, opens 15 minutes before the game begins.
As before, go to and find the game for which you purchased the access code.
Click on “Join” button (it’s pink).
You’ll be brought to a page that lets you do a few things:

  • Read the rules
  • Invite teammates
  • Go to the Zoom room
  • Enter your access code to get the ability to submit answers.

REMEMBER: To play the game, you will need to have two windows open. One will be the Zoom room, where the live host will walk you through the game. The other will be your own private room with your teammates, where you can vote on an answer, chat with your teammates, and submit your answer.

How to play Team Trivia Online:
So, you have both windows open, as do your teammates, and now you’re wondering… “How is this going to work?”
The Zoom room is easy, you’re just watching the host. If you have any troubles during the game, you can chat with one of the producers through the chat function. Aside from that, enjoy the host, the other players, or just have it playing in the background!
The game window is basically your control panel for the game:

  • We recommend that if you plan to play on your phone, you should watch the live host feed on your laptop or desktop. Regardless of how you choose to submit answers, having separate ways to watch on Zoom, and submit answers, while not necessary, enhances the experience.
  • Before the game begins, you’ll see a chat window. You and your teammates can chat with one another in private. When any of you vote on a particular answer, the information will appear in the chat box. Most teams have another way of communicating in addition to the chat box (phone call, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc.).
  • Your first question will be a tiebreaker question. Have one of your teammates enter a numeric value into the text box that appears. Don’t include any symbols (NO $ , . !- etc.), just numbers.
  • When the game begins, you’ll see questions and answer options. Vote on the choices before submitting your official answer!
  • Third - voting! You and your teammates can vote on answers as many times as you’d like AS LONG AS YOU DON’T CLICK ON A POINT VALUE! The last vote entered will be submitted as the answer as soon as a point value is chosen. As soon as you click on an answer the rest of the team will be alerted of your vote in the chat box.

Game format:

  • We will start with Round One. Those questions will be worth 5, 3 or 1 point.
  • We will ask a question. You will get 35 seconds to discuss and submit your individual choices. ONE person on the team must submit the final choice and points before time runs out.
  • We will repeat this process for Rounds Two & Three.
  • Halftime will work the same as the regular questions, but we'll give you 45 seconds.
  • After halftime, we will take a 5-minute break.
  • In the Second half, we'll start with Round Four. The questions in the second half are now worth 6, 4, or 2 points.
  • Rounds Five & Six will work the same as the other rounds.
  • The final question will be worth up to 15 points. You will have 45 seconds to turn in your final answer (if you choose to hand one in)
  • After the final scores have been tallied, we'll give you a score update for your room. If you're a winner, you'll receive info in the next day about your prize.

Prizes for all Team Trivia Online Quizzes will be paid once per week via PayPal or Restaurant/Bar Gift Cards.
That’s about it! Follow the directions, the host will tell you what to do, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!